Hello everyone, my name is Ana. I created this blog for readers that are looking for more than just reviews and views about certain books. I mean yes I review some of my favorite books, but the main purpose of this is to speak and write what I think is a more realistic view of the written story. Telling it like I see it, there are certain aspects that novels don’t cover about real life. We certainly read novels because they are fiction, but at the same time because they portray life situations we wish could or would happen to us.

meeditTruth is, I’m not an expert on anything, not even what I graduated from college for, but I’m learning everyday and I want to share my learning experience with you. The more I read, the more perspective I find to some life situations I encounter.  And I want to share those experiences with you. That is why I write my posts about how books relate to real life.

I want to share my views about how I feel sometimes books lie to us and sometimes they are just too real. That is what I want to share with you.

I’ve  always wanted to start a blog because I feel like I have a lot to say about books. Also because I like to complain about books being better than real life.  Which is the main reason I blog now.

So if you like to also complain or reading about how we have been fooled by our favorite novels, follow this blog, because along with complaints there are some reviews too. So  follow the blog and also see me on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you guys.