Things book characters do that we (regular people) just don’t

Okay it has been a little while since I’ve done one of this posts, but I just had to.

Recently I read a book with typical story cliches that made me cringe a little bit and made me think of all the times I’ve been reading a story and I roll my eyes for how unreal the action a certain character is doing actually is.

The following actions I’m about to mention are things that I have never done, and I know absolutely no one that has.

So if you have done these things, I do apologize in advance for thinking that nobody behaves that way.

Let’s begin!

Okay this first one, is overly used in dystopian or supernatural stories such as the Lux series, or ACOTAR. The term, “as fast as I could,” which in itself is not bad, because there are times we all run as fast as we can, but when the phrase is overused in the same story countless times, then it gets a little overdone and loses all meaning.

Because let’s say that the character ran as fast as it could in a previous chapter, but then they run even faster the next time, and they just keep running and running and every time it is supposed to be faster than the first time, because every time it is a more dangerous situation.

It is just used a little too much and the meaning just gets lost. Because it is supposed to mean that the very first time they ran “as fast as I could,” was in fact, not the fastest they could have ran.

It is certainly something I have never experience, either doing it myself, or others doing it for me.

Another great example of this, actions that characters do is, “releasing a breath I didn’t realize I was holding,” you know is not always written like that, but you get the just. To me that is crazy, never have I ever been in a situation that I didn’t know I’d been holding my breath. And I’ve been through tough situations, family members dying, a lot of panic attack moments, and still I knew when I was holding my breath for longer than intended.

I mean I feel like the term is over use to describe a tough moment in the character’s life, or when something exciting is happening to it, but still. Now days is super easy to know when that phrase is coming up in a paragraph in pretty much any book, and it’s kind of just there, but I always think to myself, “I never actually do that, I wonder if others do?”

Another great example of things characters do, that we normal human beings don’t, is when a character describes how terrible a moment was, when either they broke up, or their loved one was in danger.

There is telling somebody, “I thought I’d never see you again,” or “I was so worried that you would not wake up,” but I have never met anybody who just goes out and lets their heart out, about how terrible and emotional they felt when they didn’t know if their loved one was going to make it or not. Specially guys, they might get emotional and tell you things, but they really don’t put their hearts out.

I mean, I know it makes for a great story, and we need to read those scenes because it makes the book more interesting, but I still notice how unrealistic it is!

And then there is the “super popular” girl or guy that everybody knows about, like an entire high school or university. That is taking it a little too far if you ask me.

I mean yes I know it happens and we’ve been sold into this idea of the popular group of every high school, but I feel like that only happens with small and private high schools and maybe private colleges.

I went to a big public high school and I’m totally talking about my experience here, but I never really met anyone that was so popular that everybody and I do mean, EVERYBODY, knew about.

Yes, you kind of know who is good at the best sport your institution is like really good at, but besides that, you really don’t know anything about them, because the school is so big, there is just no way that could happen.

And maybe you can argue that the character of the story is somehow around the popular people because they have a couple of classes with this group or that they are neighbors or something like that. But it still cannot explain that an entire high school or public university knows about a certain person.

Again, this is just me and my own experience. I attended a public high school and a public college and I never knew anybody that was popular enough that if you asked a random person in the institution they would know who you are talking about.

Also the basic necessities a normal person has. Let’s be honest here, as much as we love book characters, sometimes it becomes hard to connect with them when they seem to be perfect. To either not eat for like an entire day and not notice (I get it when you are worried or super busy it gets a little hard to remember if you ate or not, but the person still KNOWS if they have ate something or not) this only comes into play if the character is going to faint or have some sort of issue like that.

Or just go to the bathroom. You know this issue could be solved with one line every once in a while in the book. Just saying that they are in the bathroom or like taking a shower, sometimes it is all it takes. One sentence.

Then we have the characters that go through something major, like being raped, or losing a best friend, or a family member, or even discovering that the person they are interested in is not human or something like that, yet they seem to be perfectly accepting of the probably life altering event.

I just don’t get it, I know the story needs to move on, but if it was me discovering a guy that I liked was an alien, vampire, werewolf, or any mythological creature, I would freak out for at least a week and question everything about life.

Yet in books, the lead character is just accepting of the fact that they are living something they never thought they would and then there is just barely any mentioning of the life altering event, unless is supposed to bring like major drama toward the end of the book.

Or if they get injured during battle, or something of the sorts, even if the character is supernatural, they have to have healing time and not be up and running within a day after the incident. That is just completely unrealistic, no matter how supernatural the character is.

But well, I could go on for days and apparently so could you guys!

Anyhow, did I get at least most of them right?

Do you do any of the things that I mentioned here? Or do you know anybody that does?

Any other things that I missed?

Let me know!

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2 thoughts on “Things book characters do that we (regular people) just don’t

  1. Alex says:

    I completely agree with the popularity thing! I go to a public high school and it’s impossible for everyone to know everyone else. There’s no such thing as the “popular” people. That was more of a thing in middle school, where I guess everyone knew each other better, but I’m glad it’s over.

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