I Found Levi from Fangirl!

As the title reads I believe I have found one of the most human like book characters I have ever read, in real life.

Some of you might already know this, but if you don’t, I’ll let you know that  I’m completely obsessed with Rainbow Rowell’s writing. Her books portray characters that are so relatable and human like, that sometimes is hard for me not to identify people with her characters because of how she describes them.

But I have never really met anyone that resembled one of her characters so much like this time.

A little background of where I live and why this is an important matter to my story

I live in the state of Nebraska, in the USA (for those of you international readers). Nebraska is sort of know as part of “the Heartland” of the US, why? I don’t know, but we have a lot of farmers and ranchers, and well a lot of small towns and stuff. I myself live with a rancher girl (I don’t know if that is how they are actually label, but she hasn’t told me otherwise and I haven’t really asked). She is my housemate and she comes from a super small town which is close to Arnold, Nebraska.


If you have read Fangirl then you know that Levi is from Arnold, Nebraska. The whole story is set in Nebraska, specifically the state university system, to be exact, the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, Lincoln is the second largest “city” in the state and is the state capital. Some chapters are also set in Omaha, our most metro city, but most of the story is about, Cath’s (main character) first year of college.

I attended the most affordable state university of the three that we have, in the city of Kearney. The city of Kearney is a smaller city that could be almost label as a town, but since it does have the university it gets quite busy during the school year. Anyway that is not completely relevant to this specific story.

University of Nebraska-Kearney (Courtesy of UNK)

This is how I met the real life Levi.

I work at a hardware store as well as the local newspaper. For about two years I sort of have looked for a guy that would slightly resemble Levi because he’s like the perfect guy any girl could want. Since I was in college I held on the hope that maybe I would meet someone like him, in the hall, or in class, or just at the union, but nope, nada.

I graduated last December so I sort of gave up that little dream I had and focused on the present and getting a full time job and the sorts.

Well at the beginning of this summer (trying to make a story short here), on a typical Saturday afternoon I was working at the garden center of the hardware store, I was covering another cashier’s break.

Some random person asked me where something was located and since I didn’t know and I had a really long line I told the person to go an ask a guy that was passing by that I knew worked there because he was wearing the outside work attire. At that point I only saw a little glimpse of him, but I noticed two things. He had blond hair, and he was cute.


At that moment I didn’t think much of it  just that he might be someone I already knew, but didn’t recognized because it was crazy busy and I saw him from behind. I didn’t have time to really think about it that day because I had to go back inside and I didn’t go out again for the rest of that day.

The following day, Sunday, I was assigned to be out in the garden center for most of the day so I really had a chance to see who he was and I was a little impressed. At first, again, I didn’t associate him with, Fangirl’s Levi, I just thought he was a nice looking blond, tallish guy, I have to say he is real cute, but again I didn’t really put two and two together. I’m usually not a very friendly person, meaning is hard for me to make new friends, so I was impressed by how fast and how easy he won me over.

He is the kind of guy that brightens any  place he comes to and is friends with everyone. The day I officially met him (that Sunday) he bought some mulch for this disabled lady and we had a whole conversation about it. He didn’t even know the lady and the lady wanted to refuse, but he just gave me this look that said, “charge it to my card and that is the end.” I just thought that he was the coolest guy ever. And again I didn’t associate him with Levi because I had stopped looking for him.


The following weeks I got to really see all sides of him and the truth is that he is always smiling, always talking to everyone and sort of flirting with everyone as well (very Levi like). Every time he looks at whomever he’s talking to he gives them this look that makes you feel like no one and/or nothing is more important than the conversation he is having at that moment.

He is hardworking and also before he worked at the hardware store he worked with an organization that helps people with disabilities, so when he told me that I was like, “who are you dude?” But again, lame old stupid me  still didn’t associate him with Levi, because I mean he is a real person and it would be kind of wrong on my side to associate a real living person with a  fictional character, but when I finally put two and two together I realized how much he is like him.

The day I finally came to the conclusion that he was like a real life Levi is two weekends ago.

I have been in the worst reading slump of my life and it’s been hard for me to pick up a new book and read it, but since I love reading, I decided I was going to re-read Fangirl.

I guess this is why I was able to identify this guy with Levi. I had finished re-reading Fangirl the night before I decided that my co-worker is a live version of Levi.


I was working the returns desk until closing time and he was working on the sales floor in the Hardware department, he came a couple of times to the returns desk for a few defect stickers, but towards the end of the night he came just to kind of talk and chill before we closed.

When he was there this lady came to exchange something (a light bulb? I’m not sure), but she saw him and he saw her and they instantly started having a conversation, about college and how he/she’d been and just like good old friends (this lady could be his mother so nothing on the romantic side don’t go there LOL) and I was there, but to him that lady was the only person there because again he was having a conversation with her.

I just like stayed to his right-hand side waiting for the conversation to be over, and after a few minutes he looked at me and I knew that was the time to finish the exchange. I did my job and the lady had to pay like fifty cents, but didn’t have any cash on her,  so guess who ended up paying for it? Yes, my coworker, he took a dollar out of his wallet and said to her, “don’t worry about it,” the lady just kind of laughed and wanted to reject it, but before she could he said to me to take it and then walked away.

The lady smiled and shook her head. “He’s such a great kid,” she told me and then went on about how she knew him and how long ago it had been since she’d last seen him.

Once she walked away I was still a little stunned thinking about all the times he’d done such things to help people, even when he didn’t know them. And then it dawned on me. Why it had been so easy to become friends with him and why he always brighten my day. Because he was just like the Nebraskan boy, Rainbow Rowell described in Fangirl.

Here are the similarities I see in him.

He is tall-ish (not as tall as Rainbow Rowell describes Levi, but close).

He is from a small town that also starts with an A in Nebraska.

He is way too friendly with everyone.

He sort of looks like the guy described in the book you know, blondish hair that looks like it stands on it’s own, and the way he moves about himself. You would need to see him to see how much he looks like Levi.


The differences are that he doesn’t have blue eyes (I believe that Levi has blue eyes, and if he doesn’t I just need to re-read Fangirl one more time).

He is actually just going to start college.

He is not going to the state university system, but to a private university (yes I know this, he told me).

And he is not a rancher.

I know this sounds super vague  and that my description is not as fulfilling as I wish it was, it’s just one of those cases where you need to see him and see what I see.

And if you are asking yourself if I fell for him just like Cath fell for Levi, I have to say no. This guy (ugh I wish I could tell you his name!)  is just starting college and I’m already done, so he is way younger than me and two, he will probably have to wait a few years until he finds his Cath, but I’m sure he will find her, and it will be a romance story for the books, but only they will be able to read it (if that makes sense). We just became good friends.

Courtesy (Tumblr)

For now, I’m just happy to have found a version of him because it gives me the hope that there are guys out there just like Levi and that if I look hard enough (or not, like this time) he will show up and be the Levi of MY dreams (LOL cliche I know!).

Anyway, that is my story. Have you ever encounter anyone that looks or acts so much like one of your favorite characters?

Let me know!!

Read you guys later!!


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