Did you miss me?

Well hello there!


This is a life update (get it? because Live update? No? okay sorry! Trying to be funny here!!).

With all seriousness now!  It’s been a few weeks since I’ve stop by the blog or my Twitter or Facebook page, even my Instagram is suffering this!!

But while I’m not completely back into the book reading and reviewing zone, I wanted to write a quick post to let you know why, I have not reviewed any book, or posted in so long and what I have been up to.

First of all, thank you for reading and coming back to check the blog even though there has been no update at all.

I have been struggling to read and write for the past five or so months because well, I love reading, it’s one of those things that I truly enjoy because by doing so I’m able to go into other worlds and whenever I read is like watching a movie.Yes, every time I read, if it’s a good book and I’m really invested in the story, is like watching a film develop by simply turning the page. But lately it hasn’t been that way.

This blog was started as a class project and I think I’ve mentioned that a few times before, and It was all fun because I was getting to write about books that I had previously read and I was entering this world of book bloggers and it all seemed awesome and it was. I shouldn’t say “was” because it still is.

The thing is, I got greedy. Yes, I saw the opportunity of being a blogger and getting free books or ARCs and I over did it. What happened was, that in my opinion I skipped a few steps in the process of becoming a good book blogger.

I think I should have established myself as a blogger before I got the chance to get free ARCs. Yes, I know I should be grateful that I got to read awesome books for free and I am, but that made me be a little greedy and I hate that.

I have to say I’m thankful for all those authors that allowed me to read their stories because I have really enjoyed it and I’m obviously not blaming them for allowing me to read great stories. That would just be ungrateful and hypocrite for me to even mention.

The story is as it goes:

On the first week I started the blog back in the last week of August last year, I posted on a Facebook reading group of a certain author that I had started my blog and you know something along the lines of go read it and such. An author that is part of that group saw my post and she offered to give me an ARC copy of an anthology she was feature on and I obvious being new at the gig I jump to the opportunity.

I was feeling awesome about myself because within one week I had already received a free book, I was  super happy about it. Then a few weeks later another author that was part of that same group visited my site and in the contact section she send me a message asking/offering me an E-file of her book and I was obviously super excited and said yes! I mean I was getting free books!!!

After those two freebies I was super excited and I was looking at ways to get ARCs because who doesn’t love getting to read books before they are published and getting a chance to even interview authors? Like, it was amazing, it was also a journalist deal for me because I was getting to write and interview authors, like two of the best things combined for me.

So I got three ARCs all by myself which I was super proud of, I mean I had just a few months with the blog and authors wanted me to read their books (I felt special LOL) so either at the end of last year or beginning of this year I joined this group where bloggers, readers and librarians can get ARCs to read and review on their blogs. Also I started signing up for blog tours and all the things I thought were necessary to have a successful popular blog. And that is when everything went downhill.

I wanted to grow my audience. I wanted to have a lot of likes on my Facebook page, a lot of followers on my Twitter page (which still has not happened by the way), and I went out it the wrong way.

I started accepting books that I didn’t really  want to read, and since I accepted them for a review I was obligated to read them and write about them and that is the worst thing I could have done.

I’m an extremely picky person when it comes to reading. That is the only reason why I have not read many of the very popular series out there, because there is something that I’m looking in books and if I don’t find it I just move on to the next book, but that was just not acceptable when it came down to a book that had been provided.

So the amount of books that I was buying decreased drastically and so did the number of books that I was reading a month or a week. In the past I could read about three or four books a week if I had enough free time (like I sort of do right now). I have to admit that the last book I actually enjoy reading that I got for free was back in February, (well that is not entirely true I got one last month that I loved! But I was already battling this non reading thing!) and you could probably tell which one it is.

I have read other books that I bought and I have reviewed them here, but those books I choose to buy them so I was excited to read them.

To put it clearly, it started to feel like a job. Reading was not enjoyable anymore and I found myself hating books that I would have loved (A Court of Wings and Ruin for example 😦 I still cannot get past chapter one in that one).

That is the reason I have been on a reading hiatus and that is also the reason why I have not posted here. I have found another love which also includes reading and watching TV which are two of my favorite things to do. Watching Korean Dramas has created another passion and hobby in my life and I’m loving it. And I even wrote about it.

Yet, I feel the need to read, I feel the need to buy books and review them and all that fun stuff, but I have to give myself some more time. I think that by the end of this month I would be able to go back to reading, but I don’t want to force it. Reading is a passion of mine and it has to come back naturally, because if I force it then I would probably end up hating it forever and I don’t want that to happen.

In the meantime, I will be posting some reviews of some books that I read last month that I truly enjoyed even though I was not completely feeling them (you know what I mean?). So I will be back again with some more reviews and how the stories we love so much relate to our real life. Keep in touch!!

That concludes the life update for now!


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