Velvet Trilogy Contest Entry

I don’t know if you guys were aware of this, but this month author Temple West hosted her first FanFiction contest the prize is to be a Beta reader for the last instalment of the series.

Since I like that book a lot and I like writing (sometimes) I decided to give it a shot!

Here it what I wrote, keep in mind this is not a retell of any chapters and the characters are completely new and have never been mentioned in the story. I just did it for fun and so here it is.

Water droplets were running fast down my ice tea glass. Summer in Brooklyn was on full swing, filled with tourists wandering around the shops wanting to get the full New York experience.

Working mornings at, Brooklyn Forest Café, was like a CIA mission when it came down to getting every order right, and as fast as possible. So whenever I got my ten minute breaks I tried to get away from the rush of tourists, but those ten minutes were never really enough time to isolate myself from the massive flow of people.

I couldn’t really leave the café for just ten minutes, I mean I would probably just get to go across the street and back and the ten minutes would be up. Also, in those ten minute breaks I could just stare at Andrew the other morning barista from across the shop and my friend Camille always stopped by to see me and have a drink before heading to the city for work.

“I like the cashew milk combination with the matcha and mocha powder. You did well, Gen,” said Camille taking a few more sips of her drink. She’d been the only one of my friends that as me had not taken a summer vacation because she needed to save money for college.

“Thank the lady with the, Louis Vuitton, handbag and last season, Chanel, shoes. It was taking too long so she decided it wasn’t worth wasting her time waiting for another thirty seconds,” I said smiling and taking a sip of my tea.

“Well, to the Louis Vuitton bitch that gave me a free, expensive, stupid, drink,” she raised her cup and took one more sip. Camille sure knew how to make the best out of every situation.

“How did you know it was cashew milk and not almond anyway?” I asked just to tease her.

“Hey when you deal with bitches that believe shopping on the Five Avenue gives them class, you pick up a thing or two,” we both laughed because that couldn’t be more true.

She worked at the Dolce & Gabbana store on the famous, New York’s Fifth Avenue and she always has stories about angry and petulant people that are supposed to be from the high class that behave worse than a, New York Stock Exchange, executive assistant when their stocks went down.

“Cinnamon, mocha, cappuccino for Trish?” yelled Andrew from behind the counter. Andrew started working for, Brooklyn Forest Café, in March and although he was a little stupid, he was still good looking and he told the best jokes.  “And, Americano, half and half for, Tommie,” damn even just yelling out names he looked cute.

“When are you going to like, talk to him, Gen?” asked Camille when she saw me starting at Andrew. I just ignored her and kept staring at him as Tommie and Trish, or the people I assumed were Trish and Tommie, reached out for their order and sat about two tables away from us.

I had never seen the pair, but then again, only people coming early in the mornings were regulars, anyone else coming after ten was a tourist. I had taken the order from the guy when he showed up, the girl showed up a few minutes later and two minutes after that I had clocked out for my break.

They looked cute together, she had really pretty blond hair and this body shape that screamed, “I can take you down in two seconds,” but somehow she made it work in her favor.

He, on the other hand was very attractive, like unbelievably attractive, like in a dangerous way, and then he would smile and all the danger seemed to go away. It was hypnotic to say the least, and a little scary, but it seemed to work fine for them because the girl had eyes for no one but him.

“When he decides not to call me “dude” every single time he tells me something. He only sees me as a friend, Camille, and you know it,” I said looking away from him and refocusing on Camille.

“Well, if you don’t talk to him, that fact will never change,” she said, taking one more sip of what was left of her drink.

“What time are you meeting with her?” I overheard the guy, Tommie asking the girl. I couldn’t help it, something about them seemed odd and I kind of was paying too much attention to them so of course I overhear the question and her answer.

“After lunch. I told her I was stopping by after my plane landed.” The girl’s voice was so… void of any expression. It was like listening to a robot talk.

Extremely weird if you asked me.

“Hey, stop listening to them and pay attention to me, I came all the way to talk to you today and you’re ignoring me,” said my friend and I just gave her the “that is BS” stare.

“You came here for the free drink I texted you about, and because you hate to be all by yourself at your house when your sister is not there,” she just shook her head smiled and took one more sip.

A few more minutes went by and we just talked about the new collection that was coming to the store that week and ways to approach Andrew and make him fall crazy in love with me. When my ten minutes were up I stood up to go back to the counter, but couldn’t help to look back at the couple that I’d been eavesdropping for like the last five minutes and saw how the guy, Tommie, stood up and looked at the girl, Trish, square in the eyes and said:

“You will remember nothing of this meeting and conversation, you will go back and meet with Caitlin as if you had just arrived from your trip,” she stood there like a statue for all of five seconds as the guy left the café. I looked at Camille and she was starting too. That was the weirdest thing I’d seen in awhile.

“They are weird,” she whispered as the girl just stood there watching the guy leave.

“No kidding,” I said. The girl finally turned around and took a look at her surroundings. She looked stunned, like she didn’t know what she was doing. He eyes met mine and then she looked at Camille. She looked around again and then the coffee cup she had in her hand, she looked at us again and approached us. She was looking very confused.

“Hi,” she said, “could you guys tell me where I am?” Camille and I looked at each other and then at the girl.

“Brooklyn Forest Café?” I answer, but it sounded more like a question.

“I’m in Brooklyn?” she said and took another look around, she was legit surprised she was at the café. Is like she had a blackout or something, then something even weirder than everything happened, she composed herself and her eyes did this weird thing like they were retracting from reality or something, she smiled and just walked out without saying anything else.

She just left.

The weirdest thing I had ever experience. No doubt.

“Well, that was unexpected,” said Camille as the door closed after the girl.

“To say the least,” I said still stunned. We both looked at each other and shook our hands.

“I’m telling you, people are the weirdest creatures in the world.” I nodded as my boss Kate called out my name.

“Your ten minutes are over, is Andrew’s break now,” I looked at Andrew and smiled, he smiled back and waved.

“Call me later, maybe we can go see a movie or something,” I told Camille, she nodded and headed on her way.

“Hey, is it just me or that couple that just left was weird as fuck?” said Andrew as he removed his apron and doing the most important thing he had done in his life, starting a conversation with me for the first time. I freaked out a little and I almost didn’t say anything back, I mean the dude was talking to me!

“Yeah, they were weird.” I said and looked around for my apron. I was so nervous. He was talking to me about something non job related! There must be something in the air, and whatever it was I needed to get my hands on it so Andrew would not stop talking to me after this.

Was that sweat I felt on my face?

Maybe just my cheeks setting themselves on fire?

There were so many warm and tingly things happening to me right now.

“Yeah. Well, see ya, gotta go smoke one before coming back to this jungle,” he smiled and left for the alley.

“Something unexpected indeed,” I said remembering how Camille had described the exchange with the Trish and Tommie couple. “Completely unexpected,” I tied back my apron and headed back to the front counter.  This day was all kinds of weird, but when you lived in New York anything was possible.

There you have it guys!

Let me know what you think!


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