Piercing the Veil by Nicole L. Taylor book review

**Book provided by author for an honest review.

You guys I feel so special, lately I been getting books to review and that  makes me super happy. Also, I’ve been included in blog tours and it is all for you.

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A few weeks back author Nicole L. Taylor approached me and asked me to review her book and I gladly accepted, not only because it was a free book, but because it sounded amazing and it had me intrigued.

Here is what the book is about:


Eighteen-year-old Alexa Moore has had enough of her rigid, controlled existence. Shortly after her graduation, she decides it’s time for her to make the decisions in her life, and quit letting her grandmother have the last say. But when she sees a man watching her—at her graduation, at the market, outside of where she volunteers—her excitement is snuffed out by a sense of dread she can’t shake. And that’s only the beginning…

Soon, strange things begin happening: doors opening by themselves, books falling off shelves. At first, Alexa ignores the bizarre occurrences, chalking them up to coincidence. But when things take a violent turn, she discovers that these occurrences aren’t coincidence at all. In fact, they’re all tied to one thing: her. It isn’t long before she realizes that telepathy and empathy are not the only abilities she possesses. And these new abilities—ones she cannot begin to explain—are growing in strength…becoming more and more dangerous.

Lost and confused, Alexa turns to her grandmother, the one person she trusts above all others, for help. But Gran isn’t who she appears to be, and Alexa finds herself embroiled in a family history that’s shrouded in mystery and lies, where no one, not even the young Irishman she’s fallen for, is who they seem.

Piercing the Veil gets a 3.5 out 5 stars on my review book.


This book has a great plot and the concept is a little different to what I’m used to but still good.

The story starts with Alexa graduating from college at the age of eighteen which I have to say made me a little jealous, it took me about four and a half years to graduate and this girl did it super fast and she was still in her teen years, very impressive.

Then strange things start to happen and I think is all because of her coming of age, or because it’s just time to unveil the truth (hence the title).

Alexa is the main character and her life sort of does a 180 when “friends” from her family’s place of origin come to help grandma with some business. Alexa slowly discovers that her life has been a complete lie and that the powers she possesses might not be as special as she thinks and that is what might completely destroy her life.

Things got interesting when Roman showed up and Alexa started to develop feelings for him, but he kept having mood swings. He would be nice and then he would be an ass and that was annoying not only to Alexa but for me too, I was like “what in the hell is happening here?”


Some of the things I liked were the mystery, always questioning what would be next. There were some unexpected surprises and the drama. So much drama. And I live for drama I’ve said that like a thousand times. So it was perfect on that department.

Also the whole I hate you I love you part of Roman and Alexa’s relationship. The story never lost the teenage drama that is part of being a teenager, and that is the best part. The characters never lost their essence of what normal people finding crazy secrets about their family react like, and they just try to solve things to their best of their capabilities.

Romance, drama, paranormal and teenage problems are what make this novel great.

What I didn’t like about the novel and that’s why it got 3.5 stars is because for a Young Adult/New Adult paranormal novel, the narration felt a little like a historical novel. A historical novel with a very impressing paranormal side that made it not as enjoyable for me. Some of the parts where a little over explained and I felt like just filler words.

Overall it was a very impressive read, I just wish the narrating didn’t feel like a historical novel just because I’m not into that sort of books. But I’m really happy author Nicole Taylor let me read her book because I really enjoy it and I’m excited to read how this story will develop.

If you like paranormal stories with family secrets and complicated love stories, Piercing the Veil is just for you, so give it a try.


You can follow Nicole L. Taylor on the Facebook and Twitter and you can get Piercing the Veil here.



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