Shock Me by Ashley C. Harris book review

Well hello there, thank you for clicking the link.

Now that I’ve got your attention I want to talk to you about a book that I recently read that was way better than I expected.

If you have a kindle or a Bookbub account you probably get emails with deals for free and/or low price books that most of the time are the first book on a series or a book you’ve never heard of. Usually, to my believe those books  are not all that great and I end up hating every single part of the book that sounded so great when I first read the description, but ended up being a failure.

I like to believe I’m more selective on what low price e-book I buy or download for free, believe me, even if it’s a free book and you love books there are some books that are not worth your time trying to read.

But enough about my awful experience with free books. Every once in a while comes a book that is totally worth it and the beginning of a series that will captivate me until the end and I believe Shock Me by Ashley C. Harris has great potential to be that, so here it is:

A promising gymnast, Donna Young is a shy, quiet nobody from the wrong side of town. The only exciting thing in life is her secret friendship with Ryan, her childhood crush. But after the accident—one that should have killed her—she discovers she has impossible powers! Why now, at sixteen, can she transform into something shocking and inhuman? Donna doesn’t know how to use her new abilities or who she can trust, but unveiling this mystery might lead to conclusions about Ryan that are deadly.

Rich kid, Ryan Applegate is the most popular guy in town. He has a face that should be on a poster in every girl’s bedroom and dates the hottest chick in school. But ever since the big explosion at the town’s power plant, Ryan has been keeping secrets of his own, that if revealed could force him to choose between his family and the girl he’s forbidden to love.

As their electrifying puzzle unfolds, so unfolds a town where friends become enemies, and enemies become unrecognizable and intertwined. Tortured heroes just might be the bad guys,and Donna discovers that her and Ryan’s secrets are powerful enough to destroy everyone… including themselves.

It’s captivating isn’t it?

Shock Me by Ashley C. Harris  got a 4 out of 5 stars on my rating book.


I have to say I was captivated from the get go with this story because it sounded just like the type of book I was looking for. You know, two people that used to be friends, separated by what appears to be an invisible fortress that came up for some weird and unexplained reason, but in the deep corners of themselves they are still friends that care for each other deeply. It was the perfect book.

What I loved most about this is that is told in various points of views so you don’t only read and see one part of the story. Also it was the part that I hated the most, here is why.

We get caught up in everyone’s side of the story and it can be a little confusing. You have Donna the main character explaining what is happening to her and then you get Spencer (her friend) and his reasoning for doing the things he is doing. Then you get Ryan which is a complete turmoil of emotions for Donna, what is wrong, what is right, how to deal with his feelings and who he is while protecting Donna.

Then you get Donna’s best girl friend and another side of events happening for her and falling in love. It’s cool when the book is dual POV, but when there is more than four it feels a little confusing. And quite frankly that is the only reason it got a four out of five stars.

Still I like that part and I hate that I loved it, (I’m confusing myself).

Shock Me was a surprising read, I was not expecting to like it that much. It gives the perfect amount of angst about Ryan and Donna. For the entire duration of my read I was like, is he going to find out what she is? Are we going to find out how did Ryan put Donna in harm’s way that he needed to remove himself from her life? Is he going to like have to kill her?


There are so many questions I had, and the most important one being, are they ever going to really get together? and how the heck did Donna came to get the powers she has?

Sadly not all those questions were answered because this is only book one and book one is not supposed to answer your questions is supposed to leave you wanting more.


I cannot wait to start reading Sparks and find out if Ryan and his family can figure out what Donna is or if Donna and Ryan will ever be a thing.

You can download a free Kindle copy here.

Let me know if you read this series by Ashley C. Harris 

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