Online book romances

The internet.

It’s all around us and is now a very essential part of our everyday lives.  We hear about tragic scams and just flat out lies people use to fool others on the internet.

So we try to be cautious and not believe everything we read, and see online because probably half of the stuff there is lies and the other half is hardly believable. The thing is, there are stories, extraordinary stories that make us believe that the internet is not so bad.

We hear stories about people finding their long lost relative through Facebook or about how they found their significant other through some sort of online platform.

Therefore there are books that talk about meeting someone special over the internet. Such books in my opinion are some of the best stories because in some cases you don’t even get to “meet” one of the characters, which make for the best love stories. I know they are not so realistic and I would probably block whoever tried talking to me in an online platform.

Some of the best stories I’ve read include falling in love with a complete stranger through some form of online platform. And I want to tell you all about them so you can read them too.

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

The first book published by this awesome author is a contemporary new adult/adult book that made me fall in love with the story within the first three chapters.

What I loved most about the story is that it’s told through Lincoln’s experience and Beth’s emails. Yes, emails.

When I first heard about this story I was a little skeptical because I had not read anything like it before and it was one of the first books I read before I became an avid reader. But Attachments was so unexpectedly good that it quickly became one of my favorite reads of all time.

Attachments is a story about how an IT guy falls in love with a girl from who he only knows via email.

Lincoln works at this newspaper where he has to do nightly IT maintenance and every now and again read flagged emails for wrongly use of company time and resources. He comes across Beth’s and her friend Jennifer email and he is supposed to send them a warning email to not use their email for personal matters. But he just finds himself reading and waiting for those emails every day because he starts to develop feelings for this unknown person. He is interested and he is almost never interested in anyone.

But how? How can a person develop feelings for someone they don’t even know? Of someone they have never even seen. Well, Beth’s personality shines through it paints a picture of who she truly is and I feel like the feelings Lincoln develops are one of the purest and most real feelings a person can have toward another.

For me, Attachments is one of the best romantic novels I’ve read and most of the romance is not even between the two main characters. They only spend like three chapters together knowing who they actually are, but the development of the feelings, the way the story was told makes all the difference.

In this story the internet and technology was all that it took to bring two people together, two people that were looking for a deeper connection and found it where they least expected it.

Cinder and Ella by Kelly Oram



With Cinder and Ella I feel in love with the idea of pure love again. I’m not the type of person that really likes retells but I had to give this one a try, because of all the Disney princesses, Cinderella was my favorite and the description of this specific retell was too good.

Cinder and Ella are online friends, and they meet or get to know each other because of their love for a certain book series, which come on that is us readers. Their entire relationship developed through the internet and it was the sweetest thing that I’ve read. It makes it seem so easy to find someone online and just have a strong connection that goes beyond online friendship.

Like honestly I just wish I could find myself a Cinder, fall in love and he ends up being one of the members of One Direction. Perfect internet relationship development and ending don’t you think?

Tell Me Three Things by Julie Buxbaum

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I recently read and fell in love with Tell Me Three Things because it just was one of those none creepy internet relationship stories that we all wish were true. I mean this mystery Somebody/Nobody tries to help the new girl and it quickly becomes obvious that he will be the secret admirer.

Everything about the story was perfect. They “meet” online through an email, and granted they do know each other in real life but she doesn’t know it, which makes it even more perfect. Her quest to finding who she is and where she belongs in the world is so realistic and sometimes it hurts that it’s so realistic.

Above all the story was compelling because she didn’t initially trusted this person and it should be like that because we don’t know what kind of crazies are out there and that is something that needs to be said even though it is a fictional world, it is set up in our real world.

So Tell Me Three Things was and is one of those books that it’s realistic in the way of how internet friendship works and how it develops and also teaches us that internet is not the best way to meet people or become sentimentally attached to someone, but sometimes it is what we need and not all of that is all creepy.

Now you tell me, any books that are set in the interwebs but everything works well when the main couple meets in real life?

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