Cashmere by Temple West Teaser Tuesday

By now you probably know that I have been obsessed with Temple West’s Velvet and the trilogy.

The first book came out in May of 2015 and since the first few words of the book I fell in love and ever since I’ve been crazy about the release of Cashmere.

If you are a fan of the book as well, you might have gone through the same things I did when the release of the sequel got pushed back more than a year but now you are probably extremely happy as I am.

Cashmere is coming out Valentine’s day and I was very lucky to get to read this book before it officially comes out and let me tell ya, this book is fantastic, so worth the wait.

And to get you excited about this sequel I bring you two quotes from the book that I’m sure will make you pre-order.

I laughed out loud with this one:

“Farrar says to take your human home. It’s time.”

I stiffened, feeling a flush of rage creep over my skin.

“Yeah, hi,” I said, turning toward her and waving my giant fabric scissors in mock greeting. “I’m not Adrian’s human. I’m not anybody’s human. My name is Caitlin, and you can call me Caitlin. ‘Kay?”

Now a serious one:

“Why?” I pleaded hoarsely, suddenly on the verge of tears. “Why do they even care?”

She stared at me hard. “Because love is chaos. Humans are chaos. They’re messy and temporary and inconvenient and I don’t know why they care, but they care. You think Tristan died randomly in that war? Sabine’s not mad because he was a soldier and soldiers die, she’s mad because he was human and he was executed. She was warned and she didn’t listen, and Tristan died for it. Don’t be Adrian’s example. Don’t be the reason he has to learn that lesson the hard way.”

There you have it guys, two quotes that are fantastic and that I’m sure will convince you to buy this beauty!

You can pre-order Cashmere here.

You can follow Temple West on her Facebook and Twitter.

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