Things I do as a reader that I shouldn’t do

Whenever I open a new book either physical copy or in my Kindle app there are certain things I do that I hate that I do. It’s so weird and I wish I could stop doing them, but I just can’t.

As readers I feel like we all have certain pet peeves when it comes to finding out about how a story ends or when spoiling happens. But we hate to admit that we sometimes do it to ourselves.

Yes, I know we all like to deny that we do it, but that would be a lie. We always spoil things for ourselves some way or another and then the whole book is either ruined or… yeah pretty much ruined.

I know I sometimes get desperate and I want to know things about the book and I just do it. I spoil myself and that is the worst thing possible you can do if you really like reading.

So here I am admitting to the things I do when I first get a new book and immediately ruin it.

(Worst reader ever!)

When a book is not part of a series or by an author that I already love, I usually skip back to the last pages of the book to know if it’s worth reading until the end. I do it to mostly to books I have not ever heard of or a book that I’m not too convinced is going to be good.

Don’t get me wrong, if I started it I will finish it, but at least I won’t be disappointed if the end is not what I wanted.

Another thing I hate that I do is read ahead. Not just read the last few pages of the book, but like skip ahead to a chapter I think might be more interesting than the one I’m currently on.


Like if I’m already in chapter ten or somewhere in that vicinity and I don’t like where it’s going I skip to other chapters to see where the story is going. And usually if I can tell what happened in the story to get to that point I just… well I just keep on reading from that chapter on. I know that is horrible, but there are some books that just don’t capture my attention.

There is this other thing I do when I just skim through the pages, it drives me insane that I do it, but there are certain books (have not encounter any recently) where the non dialog narrative of the story bores me.

I wish I could just stop doing this all together because it is not a healthy habit to have. I mean I can miss out on really good books just because a part of the story isn’t good enough at the moment. I seriously hate that I do that, but I just can’t seem to stop doing it.

And the last thing I do that I wish I could just will myself to stop doing is… read the first few chapters, and if I don’t like them I skip ahead to the middle chapter and read a few of those and just go straight to the end and call it a day.

There are books I feel like I just won’t get into and I read them  just to say I read them because they are popular or someone recommended them to me and that is the worst thing a reader could possibly do. Is like when someone tells you to watch a certain movie and you hate it, but you have to lie about it and say it was good even thought it was awful.

So here it is my shame as a reader. I cannot think of any other weird thing I do to spoil books for myself, but let me know what things you do, that you hate and that end up spoiling the end of a book or series for you.




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