Perfect gifts for the bookworm in your life (or you, but mostly you)

Let’s be honest, we all have that bookworm in our lives that for some reason or another we don’t seem to find the perfect gift for their birthday, or graduation, or you know any gift worthy holiday.

It’s hard to just get them a book because, why if we don’t really know this person that much, but we just know they like to read and then we get them a book they either already own, have read, or that they just don’t like.

So even though we know they like reading, it can be tricky to get that bookworm person in your life something that they would actually like.

Here is a list that I (bookworm certified, if that is a possibility) would give to a bookworm or would love to receive as a bookworm.

Like I said books are not the only thing that you can give a bookworm, but maybe you can ask if they have read or own a copy of any of these books. All the books in this photo are wonderful and they will probably like them!


You can’t never go wrong with a bookmark. Those you can sometimes make yourself, or buy some.

For the Harry Potter lover, some HP bookmarks 



A Silver Bookmark Glow in the Dark

And if you want to go all out, you can do a Personalized Bookmark.

Or you can do them yourself!

There is also a cozy pillow that you can gift them.



This one is also good!



And if you like to be possessive of your boyfriend or know someone that is, you can gift them this shirt!



or this one



There are literally hundreds of items besides books that you can give yourself or your bookworm friend.

There are also some mugs to keep our drinks warm when we are reading!



But if you really just want to give them a book, but don’t know which one to get them?

You can also give the gift that keeps on giving, by giving an amazon gift card, or  a Barnes and Noble. 

These are only the simple and most popular ones, but you can always come up with something special. If you give the gift from the bottom of your heart to someone that is important to you, it won’t matter if is a little bookmark that you took from the library, as long as you give it with all your heart.


Thank you for reading guys.



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