The reasons you read

Hello guys!!

Well this post is about a person that I know. She is an active reader just as I am, and I thought I should ask her why she reads.

Her name is Saralisa and she is pretty cool and she likes to read which is awesome and for me is super hard to find other people that like to read as much as I do unless I’m online. So here you have it!

Saralisa tells us the reasons why she reads.



“I have read since before kindergarten. I was worried that I was going to be behind if I didn’t know how to read, so I sat down with a book and started sounding out the words.

[Now the reason] I read [is] because I need to. It is my escape from the world when I need to cool down or relax. It lets me escape from the horrors and tragedies that happen in the world every day. Plus I enjoy it and it keeps me occupied.

I’m not sure what I would do if I didn’t read. I would be a lot more bored, for one thing. I would probably knit and crochet more, and maybe do something unhealthy, like play video games all day or something.  I feel like I would be more depressed and angry if I couldn’t read since it helps me relax and have fun at the same time.”

So there you have it guys.

What are some of the reasons you read?


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