What music gets you going?

Okay this post is going to be a little bit different because like I already told you like a thousand times I’m random and I like to do random stuff.

With that established, I was recently typing a super long paper for a class (yes, even though my major is multimedia and you would think is all about fun projects using photos and video and stuff, I still have to write papers) I found myself not able to write so I went to Spotify to listen to some tunes while I worked.

Probably all of you already have a Spotify account or have like a playlist on Youtube to help you with those days that just seem to go on forever and music is your only relieve.

But why am I posting about music on a book blog?

Well, bear with me, it relates A LOT!

In my college career I have written over a dozen news articles, features, news releases and well, stuff to do with news. The thing is, news writing is not my thing.

So last year I decided that if I didn’t want to hate the profession I’m going into even before I got a full time job on the field, I had to write something that interested me.

That is when “Somebody to You” was born. Also my Spotify account.

Cover Design by Ale Cruz

Cover Design by Ale Cruz

Ever since I started writing “Somebody to You” a novel that I have been writing for over a year, Spotify has been like my best friend when I have writer’s block.

Not like I’m a “writer” or anything like that, or that I’m planning to do big things with a writing career. I mean is taken me over a year to write 12 chapters, I don’t think I can actually be an author you know, but writing something just for me has helped me a lot.


Writing a fictional story has helped me develop news stories better, not with grammar and stuff because I’m terrible with that, but I feel like it helps me develop a story better.

But what does this have to do with music you ask?

Well, I’m telling you, listening to music helps me a lot. As I’m typing this I’m listening to Little Mix’s These Four Walls, because music is my favorite thing in the world followed by books and Television.

I don’t have a set playlist for writing because I get tire of listening to the same songs over and over, but there are times like right now that I feel like listening to a certain artist and that helps me write.

The list of songs that always help me write is as follows, but not exclusively, I sometimes change them or just go with a whole new playlist.

Any breakup song by little mix like Towers, or These Four Walls, or Little Things or my favorite  Pretend It’s OK.

Whenever I’m writing something emotional, those songs do wonders for me.

Ballads by One Direction like, More than this, Moments, Change my Mind, Over Again, Long Way Down, Fool’s Gold, If I Could Fly and my all time favorite 18.

Other songs that are like hitting the radio always seem to help like, Not Easy, by X Ambassadors, Elle King and Alex Da Kid, Say You Won’t Let Go, Can I Be Him and Certain Things by James Arthur and Somebody Else by VERITE.

Also those songs most of the time just help me go through the day and when I read. Nothing better than listening to a song while you read and sometimes when you are listening to the radio and that song comes on it instantly makes you remember a specific scene on a book or a certain book.

Or when you listing to a song and you can instantly match that song with a book you’ve read because it’s just the book told in three minutes via a song.

People say music has the power to change the world, I don’t know for sure if it does, but it sure changes mine and it makes it a lot better just like books do.

For me, books and music go hand in hand and they never fail to bring a smile to my face. Unless I’m reading a particularly sad scene or a song just hits me in the feels, but is mostly always good.

How is music for you?

Let me know, and don’t forget to visit my Facebook page where I have a giveaway of a copy of Velvet by Temple West.

Go, and enter, give it shot, you could win this awesome book!


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