The author that keeps me reading

I bet you thought the author this post was to be about Rainbow Rowell.

Yes I love Mrs. Rowell’s books and they are always in my mind, but you probably figured that out already a while ago.

But this post is not about her.

A few years back my friend from Mexico told me to read this book because the main guy to her belief reminded her or Harry Styles from the little known band One Direction.

I gave it a shot because I was just getting into the whole idea of reading actively and so I went out and read it.

Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout is the book that sort of kept the drive for me to read. Like I have mentioned previously I wasn’t an active reader before college and now I love reading.

Rally the Readers blog

Rally the Readers blog

Jennifer L. Armentrout is sort of my author hero. She pops out books like no other author I know.



If you ask me Jennifer L. Armentrout is probably always going to be my favorite author of all time. I don’t know how she comes out with so many wonderful stories and honestly I just pray that her imagination keeps on bringing wonders like the Lux series and Dark Elements series.

Every time she releases a book it feels like Christmas.

Armentrout has somehow master the universe of book ideas and is like she has this pot of gold that is after the rainbow and she just grabs a piece and writes a master piece.

To this day and after over thirty books I’ve read from her, none of them have disappointed me at all.

Her mythical stories are my favorite.

Until this day I haven’t enjoyed a book about aliens as much as I enjoyed Katy and Daemon’s story. Or a book about Greek mythology as much as I enjoyed Alex and Aiden’s story.

Audio Books Store

Audio Books Store

Every idea, every plot is something different, is something unique keeps me wanting more and more.

I can definitely say that because she writes is why I read. Every time I’m on a reading slum or every time I’m struggling to just find motivation to read or something in real life has me down, I turn to her books. Her stories are so relatable and so good that I always keep coming back to them even if I’ve read them three or four times already.


Jennifer L. Armentrout is the one of the reasons I keep on reading.

Is there an author that keeps you reading?

Let me know through Facebook or Twitter.

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4 thoughts on “The author that keeps me reading

  1. Sinead @ Less Reality More Books says:

    I know just how you feel! I was completely blown away by how much I loved Jen’s writing. Iwasn’t expecting anything from Obsidian (aliens, really?) but I’ve reread those books more times than I can count! And it’s always a great day when she releases a new book! Any time I’m in a book slump, I jump to one of Jen’s books. I just read Fire in You and it was just incredible 🙂

    Sinead @ Less Reality More Books


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