Why do you read?

Why do I read?

That’s a question I get quite a lot.

Why do you read?

Are you trying to escape something?

The truth is, there is nothing deep about why I read. Nonetheless I felt like I should tell you the story of how I started and why it became my hobby.

We all have a variation of hobbies that somehow intertwine with each other. Some run and read and crochet and blog, don’t know just throwing hobbies out there, but for me reading is pretty much all I’ve got.

Being a college student working two part time jobs is sort of hard and it’s harder to have hobbies. So finding hobbies that can work into my schedule is hard and I need them to survive otherwise I would go insane.

That is why today I feel like I should tell you why I read.

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When I was in high school, our English class required us to check out a book from our library and read it. I don’t work well with rules. If I’m told to read something I most definitely will not read it.

So while there were some books that interested me like the Twilight saga and a few good award winning literature books the teachers used to have for lit circles. I didn’t read mostly because I was told I needed to.

But back in those days, I had more free time, not that I did much anyway, but reading wasn’t something I felt the need to do. I had my friends and I had network television and other stuff in my mind other than getting the school work done and my job like I do now.

After I graduated high school I couldn’t go to the four year college that I wanted right away so I decided to go to the community college that way I could save up some money before I could transfer.

While going to the community college finding friends was hard so I turned to something that could give me some sense of fulfillment.

Reading became that for me.

Ever wonder how wonderful your life could be if something magnificent were to happen to you? You know like the ideal life that we would love to have? I know I do.

Well while reading I can place myself in the shoes of the main character, I guess that is why I’m so picky about certain books.

Reading is like being my ideal self a thousand times and it makes me feel amazing like… I don’t know, the feeling really cannot be describe, but when I like a book, when I really like a book I know that when I’m reading the pages is like I’m reading a diary of an alternate life. I’m living in an alternate universe where things like aliens, demigods, Nephilim, pure and half-bloods and all things supernatural exist.

The reason I read is to escape reality, not that my reality is bad, is actually pretty good (aside from the night before an important project is do, then my life is a mess, but for the most part is good). I like to escape reality to live adventures not because my life sucks. In real life I cannot live an adventure in space, or in Olympus or you know in Howards (even though I’ve never read HP) I know I will never be able to live anywhere near those places so that is basically what “escaping reality” means to me.

I don’t read to relax, because if you are a reader then you know as well as I do that reading is not relaxing unless you are reading a book about relaxation. Even if you are reading a feel good book, if is fiction is not going to be relaxing.

But for the most part, I read because is thrilling. Reading is like watching a movie from behind the scenes, watching a love story unfold and being part of it all.

I read because I love it. Because even though is a lonely hobby where you hate everyone that comes knock on your door or calls you or just interrupts you while reading, there are people reading the exact same page as you. Once you close the book you know there are hundreds of people out there reading the book and probably have the same questions or feels as you do. It might be lonely, but not really, once you read a book there is always going to be people out there who went through the same things you did while reading it.

And that is why I read.

Simply stated, because I love it.

So tell me, why do you read?

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