Best ways to get book deals

Books are expensive; I mean compare to other media like movies or records books are somewhat expensive.

Don’t get me wrong, I love books and I would buy them no matter what, but sometimes I run out of money and I have to make the painful decision of not buying books and pay the rent instead.

Along the way of me loving books and me not having enough money to buy them books, I’ve come across better ways to not be broke because of book prices. I thought I should tell you some of the things I do to get good deals on books.

Most of the deals I get are from eBooks but there are some ways to also get good deals on hardcovers and paperbacks.

So here are some of the things I do to get the best deals when books are concerned.


Sign up for the Book Bud mailing list.

When you sign up for their email list, you get to choose the types of books you read and the authors that you like the most. Every day you get an email with a list of free and low price books that you can get in the app you selected when you signed up. So let’s say you use your amazon Kindle to read your eBooks, when you sign up for the mailing list, you select amazon as your eBook provider. Once you start getting the emails, if a book interests you, you select get book, and it takes you right up to the amazon store.

It works the same for iBooks and I believe three or four other eBook providers. It’s super easy to get started, you can go here and fill out the information required. Also once you sign up, you select the authors you like, and once they have a deal on one of their books you get notified for it too.

Literally, best of both worlds, you get a list of cheap books, and you don’t have to go to your reading app. You can just select them from your email and it will take you to the store in which you can just buy it and it downloads directly. You don’t have to open your app if you don’t plan to read that book right away. It will just patiently wait for you after you download it.


Another great way to get cheap books that are not electronic is to have an amazon account. Okay, now days everyone has an amazon account, but do you have prime? Investing on a Prime account is not only to buy books and get good deals on them, but also because you get other stuff.

When you sign up for a Prime account you pay a yearly fee and don’t have to worry about it for another year. If you buy books through Amazon, you can buy one or two or fifteen books and don’t get charge for shipping; you only pay the price you see. This is amazing, because there are no taxes (well whenever I buy books through amazon there is no taxes I’m not sure if that changes in other states) and usually buying books online is always cheaper.

Other benefit of having an amazon account is that there is the “marketplace” which has new and used books sometimes for a penny and then you just pay shipping which is like around four dollars so you end up paying less than five dollars for a book. No other place gives you this kind of deals.

Also if you have an amazon account and download the kindle app on your phone or tablet or mobile device, you can sign up for Kindle Unlimited. With kindle unlimited you pay a monthly fee of ten dollars and you can download thousands of eBooks at no extra cost.

Another great place to get good deals on books is Book Depository.

With book depository, it doesn’t matter where you live; there is no shipping fee on any of the books you buy. It does take a little longer to be delivered, but hey, if you live in a country where amazon doesn’t deliver or says the book is not available in your country this is a way to cheat it.

It also works fantastic if you have friends where it would be super expensive to send a book present or something of the sorts, because you can definitely do that with book depository. A few years back when I learned about book depository I sent a Christmas present to a friend of mine down in Mexico, and even though it took forever to get to her (it was Christmas time and there was a problem with how many packages were going into the country or something) it got there. So I know this works.

Other things you can do is go to the Goodwill or Half Price books, or just get a library card, easiest way to read.

Have you tried any of them? Or are they completely new to you?

Are there any other things you try to get good deals on your favorite hobby?

Let me know on Facebook or Twitter.

Read you later guys.


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