Teaser Tuesday, TWISTED PALACE!

Yes, shouty letters.

I’m am so excited about this book.

Twisted Palace is the final instalment in The Royals  series by Erin Watt. Advance Reader Copies went out last week and I was lucky enough to be among the bloggers that got a copy of said book.

I had planned to actually post a review this past weekend because it was such a good book and I wanted to share my thoughts with you guys, but I also have so many other post that are sort of schedule that it’s crazy. Being totally honest with you, when I first started writing I thought I was going to run out of ideas pretty soon, but thank God I haven’t.

So anyway, instead of posting a review about Twisted Palace I posted about my favorite book retellings and feel good books. But this week is different, I will be posting a review of this book and to get you excited about this book and give you some reasons to pre-order or buy on release day, I bring you two quotes from the book. These quotes are in no particular order, but they are juicy.

Teaser # 1

“Who’s the father?”
And suddenly I’m… afraid. I know there’s zero chance of me being that kid’s father, but what if some corrupt lab tech rigged the results? What if Grier opens his mouth and announces–
“You are.”

See that is a very cruel teaser because you don’t actually know who the father is, only that it’s him. I know, sorry, but I thought it was a good one to leave you guys hanging.

Teaser #2

“I told Val once that you and I are mirrors,” Ella whispers to me. “That we fit in some weird way.”

Ella makes me whole. I make her whole.

She is everything.

Okay, so this teaser has ellipses because in between the quote and the thoughts are in the same page, but there is much context that if I share with you, there would be spoilers and we don’t want that. NOT yet anyway.

So there you have, it, enjoy the teasers because you still have a few days until the book comes out.



Have an awesome week you guys, this weekend I will be bringing you a Q&A with Velvet author Temple West and a book review, so stay tuned.


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