Three book retellings you should have read already

I’m not the kind of person that likes retells. To be honest every time I hear a certain book is a “retell” I try to avoid it at all costs. But like I had mentioned before in other blog post, I feel like every single book is a retell of some sorts. The thing is, once you know that a certain book is another version of a story that you already know, for some reason there is more reluctance to actually dive into said book.

But there are always exceptions to every rule. That is why I’m always breaking my own. Like I said before, sometimes a book or three come along and it makes me see how stupid some of my rules are. Like “I don’t read adult novels” and then I go and read Rainbow Rowell’s Landline or Attachments. Or when I say I don’t like erotic novels and I go and read Gabriel’s inferno or Fifty Shades of Grey.

Sometimes a book retelling comes along that makes me see how wrong I am to not be reading those kinds of books and then I break my rule. Obviously once I finish the book I’m so in love with it, it makes me wonder why I even bother setting rules.

But enough about me breaking my own rules. The real reason why I’m writing about them now is because I want to tell you about the retells I love the most.

Let’s begin with a story that has been told countless times. Cinderella, we all have heard about it. We probably all have seen the Disney films and the adaptations to the story of the girl that found her prince charming after having the worst luck in the world.

Cinder & Ella by Kelly Oram is one of the most perfect retellings of all time. I mean yeah you read the name and think, evil stepsisters, evil stepmother, no father, no mother and unexpected friends. But you couldn’t be farther from the truth.


When I first read this book I fell in love right away. The characters are so normal, so not Cinderella like and there is a huge PLOT TWIST. In this retell there is actually a father and the stepmother is not evil. Say what? Yeah, Cinder and Ella was my first retelling and I’m glad I read it.

What are you waiting for, go and download or purchase this amazing book, because when it comes to book retellings and amazing books, Cinder and Ella is definitely high up on the list.

A highly acclaimed retelling of Beauty and the Beast is A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Mass which is another perfect example of great retellings. The title couldn’t confuse you more. You can read that and be like, “that’s a retell of the Beauty and the Beast? Really?” The answer is: Hells yes.

A Court of Thorns and Roses is such a compelling story, it’s so different to what you would expect of a retelling and if you are not so much into retellings (like me) this is perfect for you. ACOTAR is a vague retell of the Beauty and the Beast, the main things are there, like the girl makes a bargain, there is a beast and the beast is running out of time. The thing, the retell is so much more than that, it touches not only in the supernatural area of the beast, but supernatural as a whole.

Sarah J. Mass

To be honest with you I don’t even know why this book is classified as a “retell” because is so different that I believe it deserves to not be called a retell, but just an amazing book series.

The second book in the series is call A Court of Mist and Fury and if you only sort of liked ACOTAR and aren’t sure if you should read the second, I would pretty much encourage you to do so. It’s an amazing continuation and if you have read anything by Sarah J. Mass you know her books only get better and better as they go. So go and start this awesome series, you will not regret it.

The final book I will talk about in this post is, UnEnchanted by Chanda Hahn.

Well this is a series and is a series of retells that stars as a Hansel and Gretel retell. Yes, I know it sounds awfully weird, but I promise you is amazing.

I first got a copy of this specific book when I was browsing through my Kindle for good e-book deals and this one showed up as free. It was one of the greatest decisions I have made while downloading free books. To be honest I’ve had terrible luck with those free deals that Amazon has on their Kindle, but this book was great.


All the books have some sort of connection to a famous fairytale, but with a twist you wouldn’t really expect. I mean Mina’s last name is Grime, which by itself is weird (the Grimm brothers?) and the things that happen to her are just not normal.

I think that if you are looking for familiar fairytales this series is the series for you. Like I said, every story has an unexpected twist and by the end of the series (yes it’s a finished series so better yet) you get the plot twist you sort of expect from book one. I’ll just leave it at that, LOL.

Go little reader birdies (? I’m weird I know) go and explore these amazing book retells because even if you are like me and don’t really like retells, these books will surprise you. Get out of your comfort zone and explore, you might be surprised.


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