Four feel good books you need in your life

Let’s talk about comfort. We’ve all heard about the “comfort foods” that make you feel better after something terrible happens in your love life or life in general. We all have had those moments when we need a little comfort from food, or movies or friends. We all have dug into a pint of ice-cream and binge watch a show on Netflix.  But television and food are not the only things that can make you feel better.

There are many books that can do the same as a bowl of macaroni and cheese and an entire season of Friends in one sitting. Since Fall is upon us and sometimes what we need is a “feel good” book to fill our evenings on the couch with a good cup of a hot drink, I decided to share some of the books I feel bring joy to my life and are easy reads that you will love.



  1. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

Anna is looking forward to her senior year in Atlanta, where she has a great job, a loyal best friend, and a crush on the verge of becoming more. Which is why she is less than thrilled about being shipped off to boarding school in Paris–until she meets Étienne St. Clair. Smart, charming, beautiful, Étienne has it all…including a serious girlfriend.

But in the City of Light, wishes have a way of coming true. Will a year of romantic nearmisses end with their long-awaited French kiss?



This book took me a little while to get to, not because it was hard to read or because it was just plain bad. It took me a bit because I didn’t want to get so involved with a book that read so sweet and seemed too… you know, surreal.  But it was far from it, I could relate to what Anna felt in more ways than one, when she was hurt and when she felt alone. All the characters seemed real to me and it just made the reading more enjoyable. I really loved it and it is perfect for when you are feeling down and need to believe that something good is coming your way.

  1. My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick

“One thing my mother never knew, and would disapprove of most of all, was that I watched the Garretts. All the time.”

The Garretts are everything the Reeds are not. Loud, messy, affectionate. And every day from her rooftop perch, Samantha Reed wishes she was one of them . . . until one summer evening, Jase Garrett climbs up next to her and changes everything.

As the two fall fiercely for each other, stumbling through the awkwardness and awesomeness of first love, Jase’s family embraces Samantha – even as she keeps him a secret from her own. Then something unthinkable happens, and the bottom drops out of Samantha’s world. She’s suddenly faced with an impossible decision. Which perfect family will save her? Or is it time she saved herself?

A transporting debut about family, friendship, first romance, and how to be true to one person you love without betraying another.


Whenever I re-read, My Life Next Door, is like I’m a teenager again falling in love for the very first time. The situations and characters are so relatable that just thinking about it makes me smile. So if you are looking for a book to make you feel better, this book is the book you are looking for.


  1. Being Jamie Baker by Kelly Oram

An accident that should end in tragedy instead gives seventeen-year-old Jamie Baker a slew of uncontrollable superhuman abilities. To keep her secret safe Jamie socially exiles herself, earning the title of Rocklin High’s resident ice queen. But during a supercharged encounter with star quarterback Ryan Miller she literally kisses anonymity goodbye. Now the annoyingly irresistible Ryan will stop at nothing to melt the heart of the ice queen and find out what makes her so special. Unfortunately, Ryan is not the only person on to her secret. Will Jamie learn to contain her unstable powers before being discovered by the media or turned into a government lab rat? More importantly, can she throw Ryan Miller off her trail before falling in love with him?


Well with the description of the book you wouldn’t think it’s a feel good book or that the plot can lead to anything good. To be honest that stopped me a lot of times before I actually read it. But I’m glad I did. Ryan was the most wonderful book boyfriend and he was persistent, oh boy was he persistent. It just made me feel like one day I could find a guy that is willing to give so much for me. So if you are going through a breakup or feel like your crush is never going to notice you, this might be the book you want to read to cheer you up.

  1. Girl Against the Universe by Paula Stokes

Maguire is bad luck.

No matter how many charms she buys off the internet or good luck rituals she performs each morning, horrible things happen when Maguire is around. Like that time the rollercoaster jumped off its tracks. Or the time the house next door caught on fire. Or that time her brother, father, and uncle were all killed in a car crash—and Maguire walked away with barely a scratch.

It’s safest for Maguire to hide out in her room, where she can cause less damage and avoid meeting new people who she could hurt. But then she meets Jordy, an aspiring tennis star. Jordy is confident, talented, and lucky, and he’s convinced he can help Maguire break her unlucky streak. Maguire knows that the best thing she can do for Jordy is to stay away. But it turns out staying away is harder than she thought.

From author Paula Stokes comes a funny and poignant novel about accepting the past, embracing the future, and learning to make your own luck.



 Girl Against the Universe is a book that screamed “awesome,” I mean a girl with awful bad luck and a guy who doesn’t care about her superstitions, what is not to love? I feel like contemporary teen novels have been progressing and are more realistic now. I really appreciated how the romance wasn’t all over the place and it just started to grow just like real love is supposed to. Whenever you’re feeling low and hopeless for the world you should read this book, because if a girl with the worst luck in the world can get a happy ending so would you.

Every time I read them (yes I re-read them all the time), they fill my heart with joy. They just have something that makes me feel good. The writing is amazing and the stories are so relatable it’s hard to not feel good after you read them.

Best Animations

Best Animations

So go read them, go feel good about reading a nice love story with a nice happy ending, you can thank me later.


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