Book unmentionables that normal human beings do, but book characters don’t

Have you ever read a book or multiple books where you think to yourself, ‘Wow, this is so me’ or, ‘wow this is so realistic’?

I bet you have, I know I do it all the time. There are books that just seem and read very much like we are reading a story about the guy or girl next door. But if you really analyze it, if you really think about it and want to get technical, no matter how much they seem relatable there is one thing they are missing.


Okay, maybe not humanity because they are supposed to be human beings going through something and that is what makes us want to read the story in the first place. The thing is they are always missing something that for some reason or another they just never seem to do in books.

That is the sole reason of this post today, to complain and talk about the unmentionables, the things book characters just don’t seem to experience at all.

There are normal situations or common things we all do and we should not ashamed we do them, because it’s the human thing to do. These things are human nature and I just think is funny, books never mention the characters doing these things.unmentinables

  1. Going to the bathroom

I mean we all do it; even our favorite movie stars do it. I know it’s hard to believe that someone as perfect as Emma Watson or Harry Styles use that room in the house, but believe me they do. Well unless they are aliens and we’ve been fooled all our lives. Why it is never mentioned in books? Well I shouldn’t say never because the room is mentioned in books, but not because the characters say “I need to pee,” or you know the other one.

American Rising Pac

America Rising Pac

The bathroom only comes into the book if the character is going to vomit or if the character needs to do a pregnancy test. Which is unrealistic, I mean I know we all use the bathroom at least five times a day. So get it right authors, characters need to use the bathroom as well, not just for puking, or showering, but you know to use it.


  1. Getting your period

I know is something the female population wouldn’t like to think about like ever, but it happens, every month. So it’s slightly annoying that the only reason why this is mention in certain books is because something embarrassing is going to happen to the main female character.



This kind of thing it’s not mentioned at all if it’s not going to be made a huge deal out of. I know it’s gross and all that, but it has to be acknowledge because it’s a human thing that happens to all females at some point in our lives.

  1. Not eating

I mean that by itself it’s a sin of sorts, who doesn’t eat? Like what? What I mean by not eating is that the characters rarely eat because they are either worried, or are super busy. I don’t know about you, but if I don’t eat I feel like crap all day and then I have headaches and that is not cool. Sometimes the books mention there being some sort of a feast on the table and all they eat is an apple or some fruit and orange juice, what is that? So not realistic.



  1. Work is always an afterthought

Okay, I don’t really know how to explain this one because it’s complicated. In young adult and new adult novels, jobs are sort of non-existent which is not realistic. I started my first payroll job when I was 21, but I had been working for my step dad since I was like 17 as well as for other people doing some housekeeping jobs and summer stuff. Nowadays pretty much every teenager has a job and that is not mentioned much in books unless it ties in with the story.



Even then, the character might be working and if something happens they are allowed to leave work without repercussion which is so unrealistic. If I were to just leave before the end of my shift or just not show up, I would be so fired. Also if the character is right out of college he/she get hired right away and for really good jobs. It gives us false expectation because the real world is so not that easy.

5. The drinking problem

The drinking thing mostly applies to young adult books in my point of view. In these novels we are reading about teens getting drunk at parties and the sorts. Ohm, I was a teen once and the parties I attended didn’t have that much alcohol and if there was it was mostly for the parents. Getting drunk or having an alcohol problem in the books is a bit unrealistic because the laws and regulations for that are huge, at least in the state I live in. I don’t mean that teens don’t get drunk or that there is no alcohol in teen parties, but it is harder than how it is described in books.




There you have it, these are just a few unmentionables I’ve notice in most of the books I read. I’m sure there are many others you have probably noticed and maybe you don’t agree with these few that I came up with and that is totally okay.

What do you think? Am I right or totally wrong? Tell me in the comments, or on Facebook or Twitter.


Remember, reading is food for the brain so, don’t forget to feed it.

Read you later.


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