Teaser Tuesday!

Today I’m starting this thing call Teaser Tuesday, why you ask? well because it’s Tuesday.

The purpose of this is to give you lines from books that I have recently read and that you should too.

And because I finally concluded the After the Fall giveaway-winner is Renee no last name- today I sent her the e-book file in the format she could read it and I hope she loves it.

Well because of that, I want to give you another teaser of that great book. I went back and highlighted some of the quotes that I liked the most and so I bring you a Teaser of what’s in that book. I might be doing this totally wrong, but hey! I’m still new at this book blogging thing so bare with me.

“He’s your soulmate, you know. He always has been.”

“Soul mate?” I sputtered. “Don’t I deserve better than that, better than some crazed psychopath who would kill me in the rage of jealousy?”

So there you have it, just a few lines to get you excited about this book.



Next week I hope I will finish A Court of Mist and Fury and I will probably do a Teaser Tuesday about that one, but I mean everyone has read that book so it won’t be as exciting LOL.

Anyway… Go like my Facebook or follow my Twitter, sometimes I post funny stuff, sometimes I ask you questions for things to feature in the blog so, yeah go!

Have an awesome Tuesday and remember, reading is food for your brain so don’t forget to feed it!

Read you guys later!


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