Four tips to not finishing a book, you read that right, four ways to not finish a book

When a book comes out and we know it’s a series there is two reactions that most of us have. The first one is we extreme excitement. Knowing there are going to be more books about the story that we are reading and probably loving is one of the best feelings for us readers. The other one is desperation. We are desperate to know what happens after the first book or whatever book we are reading is over. We freak-out and hate ourselves for reading the book to fast and the cycle continues. So today I bring you some of the tips that have worked for me when I have tried to delay finishing a book, which doesn’t usually happens, but there are certain books that deserve the delay.

  1. Avoid getting the book on release day.


I know that sometimes we want to support our favorite author and we buy their books right away so that the series that we like can hit the bestseller lists. But if you are trying to delay reading the book, you have to hold on until at least two weeks have gone by to buy the book. This way you will not be tempted to read it and then having a thousand questions a few days later that will have to wait about a year to be answered.



  1. Once you get the book, read when you are tired.

When trying not to finish a book, the best thing to do is read when you are tired. Most of us read just before going to bed, so if you are extremely tired, the most reading you will get is about ten pages. That is how many I’m able to read when I’m tired. So I know this works.



  1. Read other books you have on your TBR list.

What has worked a lot for me is reading other books even if I’m dying to read the newly released book of the series. Distracting myself with contemporary books and books by the same author works great. Also similar books to the series help because you are getting to read something similar while at the same time avoiding what you really want.



  1. Lastly stop yourself. Have will power.


The only thing that has never failed me is to stop myself from reading. I either read a chapter at a time and no matter how desperate I am to turn the page and keep reading I close the book and go to bed. This can be hard if you don’t have willpower, but let’s admit it, with so many other books we have in our TBR list it’s not hard to stop and find something else while we delay the pain of finishing a book. Having to wait for almost an entire year to read the next one is hard and preventing ourselves from reading the book is the best way to avoid a little bit of that pain.

The one book I been reading for months now is A Court of Miss and Fury by Sarah J. Maas, it’s taking all my willpower, but I’m determined to not finish it at least not until the next book is close to release date or has a name.

What books are you determined to wait on, or have you waited on to finish just because you don’t want to either finish the series or know that you will have to wait a very long time for the next book? Let me know, maybe we have shared the same pain with certain books.


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