Things book boyfriends do, that guys would never do in real life

First of all, I wanted to thank all of you who read my previous blog post, my very first one! I know it’s not perfect but hey, I’m just getting started so I really appreciate that you guys liked it and read it.

Second of all I know this post is a lot different than the first one, but I’m kind of random (you will learn how random I can get, as my blog progresses and if you stay tuned) and I wanted to make this new topic a little lighter than the previous one. That is why now I’m complaining about the things book boyfriends do, that real guys would just never do for their girlfriends in real life.

Most male characters in young adult or new adult literature are the kind of guy that would do anything to either convince the girl of their feelings or make her fall in love with him. Which to be honest as much as we would like that to be a real life thing and we had the guy that we’ve been crushing on for like forever declare their love for us on a rainy day, let’s be real it will probably never happen.

Us readers sometimes get so engaged with how romance novels describe guys that we believe something amazing would happen that will bring the love of our lives to cross paths with us or the guy that we have always liked will declared his secret love for us when we least expect it.

Some book boyfriends I have discover do this are Cameron Hamilton from the Wait for you series, Levi Stewart from Fangirl, Daemon Black from the Lux series, and Miles Blackwell from After the End.



Cameron Hamilton is just this sweet guy that everyone (in the book) labels as a player and the kind of guy that goes from girl to girl, but we never really saw that when reading the book.


Since the book started we couldn’t help but fall in love with him because of how he treated Avery. He was the most patient guy waiting for a date that he was 95 percent sure he was not going to get, but he kept trying.

Jennifer l. Armentrout website

Jennifer l. Armentrout website

In real life that would have never happened. The kind of guys that would ask you out more than once even when you tell them no is the kind of guys that are desperate and would do anything to get some, if you know what I mean. But Cam was the kind of guy that was worth it and in all honesty, guys like that in real life are either already in a relationship or they just don’t keep trying. I mean the guy asked Avery out like for a whole month and she always said no.

Another perfect example of an extraordinary guy that seems perfectly normal and that we feel like we could encounter in our life is the creation of Rainbow Rowell, Levi Stewart. He seemed like the kind of guy every college girl could encounter in her first year of university, but when inspected closely, you can see that he is not your ordinary guy. He might seem like unfocused and all over the place (like most college students), but he was there every time Avery needed someone to talk to even if she was reluctant to it.

Rainbow Rowell Tumblr

Rainbow Rowell Tumblr

Then he sort of messed up after he had waited for a whole semester to kiss her and he had to figure out what he had done wrong and fix it. He fixed something he didn’t know he’d done. It was all sweet and we all expected them to get together from like the fifth chapter on because he was overly sweet and he loved that she was a little crazy. Then when they finally sort of get together he waits for months to just even touch her. What sort of guy does that in real life?


Then we have Daemon Black. He might have been a jerk and an ass to Katy to begin with, but he wasn’t overly disrespectful. He was trying to protect his family of the human influence that had already harmed his family way too much. He wasn’t abusive about it he was just a normal teenage guy being a jerk (which we all have encountered).

Jennifer L. Armentrout Website (Pepe Toth as Daemon)

Jennifer L. Armentrout Website (Pepe Toth as Daemon)

But then he goes out of his way to protect the girl that he likes no matter what and not realizing or not wanting to realize that he had feelings for her. He protected her and over reacted when she got a date with someone and did everything in his power to keep her safe even when she didn’t want to. I mean he burned the city of Las Vegas just to keep her safe. Nobody in their right mind, or in real life for that matter, would do that for anybody.

Lastly we have Miles Blackwell, this guy is the most normal of the three previously mentioned, but still did some pretty impressive things to get with the girl he once thought was a psycho. First off, he goes to the edge of the country to try to find a girl he believes is going to solve his problems with his father. What he encounters is a very strong female that is independent, but at the same time needs help. Juneau was stranded in a world that she didn’t understand and Miles was her guide.

Amy Plum Website

Amy Plum Website

He slowly fell in love with her to the point of getting shot to protect her. Then he left everything behind to make sure she could find her family and solve the mystery of what happened to her whole village. He is the sweetest most normal guy, but he is always risking everything to make sure she is okay and to show her how he feels for her. That just never really happens in real life.

So if you know someone that is anything like the guys in romance novels or if you are lucky enough to have a guy like that in your life, protect him. Take good care of him and never let go, because guys like them are extremely hard to find.


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